Niños de 9 años le escriben a sobrevivientes

En mi reciente visita a mi familia en USA fui invitada a dar una charla a chicos de 4º y 5º grado, 9 y 10 años de edad.  Acepté por supuesto pero fui con prevenciones, temiendo que los chicos se distrajeran, que no les interesara. Me pareció que sería bueno comenzar hablando más de la cotidianeidad, de las diferencias y las diversidades, de los colores de piel y de ojos, de la religiones y las culturas, las nacionalidades y las costumbres, del derecho que todos tenemos a vivir. Llevé para ello varias ramas de un mismo árbol y estuvimos observando las hojas a ver si encontrábamos dos idénticas, y claro, no las encontramos. Ellos hicieron rápidamente la asociación con la metáfora: individuos, familias, grupos, un mismo tronco comun.Había llevado también algunas fotos de "niños" sobrevivientes, tantas como chicos habría y anoté en cada una el nombre, la edad y el país de origen. Luego de una charla introductoria entregué las fotos, una a cada uno y les ofrecí que me preguntaran sobre el niño de la foto que a cada uno le había tocado. Las manitos levantadas y las preguntas que llovían. Fue tan intenso el diálogo y tan interesados estaban en las vidas particulares de cada uno que al cabo del encuentro les pedí que, si querían, le escribieran una carta que yo se las iba a entregar. Transcribí las de 4º grado -al día de hoy todavía no me llegaron las de 5º- y mantuve la puntuación, las mayúsculas y minúsculas y los errores de ortografìa tal cual están escritos. El inglés es un idioma muy difícil de aprender a escribir porque no tiene reglas, los chicos aprenden palabra por palabra de memoria, por eso los errores del texto.

Las cartas:

9/24/07 Dear Diana, Thank you so much for coming to our class today and sharing your stories. They are so important for all of us to hear and learn about. It is especially fascinating to hear the personal survival stories of your friends. It is terrible to think there can be so much hatred, but we must know about it so we can try to prevent it continuing. Already this has stimulated some wonderful discussions and conversations. From all of us in 4th grade. Alison, Leanna, Gio, Cam, Eddie, Kirill, Mijal, Ashley, Cameron, Ixchel, Ashley Ramirez, Benjamin, Jesús, Frankcheska, Javier, Thomas, Diana, Gabi, Jordan, Alice and Tina

Dear Helene I really enjoyed hearing your store. Of survival told to our class by Diana wang. No ofens but when you thought you werer crishsion it was funny. But if it hurts your feelling Ian so sary. But it must Been hard for you to leav the family hoo took care of you. But how did you know same wne you seand hade a moule on his cheack. O will that is all so good by. From Leanna, Room 131, Orion school.

Dear Héléne, I really enjoyed hearing your survival story told by Diana Wang. My favorvite part was when you realiced the mole under your dad`s eye. I live in America. I am interested in World Was two. I don´t like the natzizes nieter does muy mom. I have read many books about it. Did you have a sun or a daughter? Where do you live? What do you speak? What is the climate? I am happy survided the mean and disliked natzizies. From Benjamin, Room 131, Orion School

Dear Irene I loved your story and I´m glad that you got away from the bad naztis! That tried to cill you. And I´m glad that your parents survived also. And you got to live with them the rest of their life. I hope you are happy with your life and strong and helthy. From Ashley, Room 131, orion School

Dear Mira, I really enjoyed hearing your story of survival told to our class by Diana Wang. You are really brave of what you did. Your story is really sad how they kill the people. Is good that you didn´t die. The Nazies were really mean. They never said anything nice to the other people that weren´t like them. I wish you luck. From, Eddie, Room 131 Orion School Redwood City

Dear Dina I really enjoyed hearing your story of surviva told to our class. I like you story because its sad. And a like sad storys. From Jesús

Dear Dina, I really liked your story. My grandma told our whole class an even some 5th graders, your famous now. Alot of people disagreed with the nazies, well at least the 4th and 5th graders don´t. My grandma told about a lot of peopole to survive. Your story is really incredible. I like it that you went with Japanese peopole that whole way, it saunded great! I still don´t get why parent just gave away their kids, just like that. I would never want to leave my mom and dad. I would cry everday for the rest of my life. I learned a lot, I wish I could stop the nazies. Much love, Mijal

Dear Katy, I want to know how you felt when the war was. I also feel that people who are killing and doing those things to the familys are not respecting they´re lives. I feel sad for whats happening to those families out there. Now that youre big I wanna know when you were born? And that did you get to see youre parents? And if you did than how did you feel? And that if you still have some of youre dolls? If you do than can you send me a picture of youre most favorite ones? I really enjoy sending you a letter. I hope you have a beautiful life. From, Diana Rm 131 Orion School

Dear Katy, I enjoyed heairing your story of survival told i loved it a lot. Your luki that your lived what i lunly person. Oh i can blivid that you married tomy. Good chooise. What a pretty good pairs. Sorry what happen in 16 years ago i feel bad about the story that Diana Wang told us oh i really want you to right back to me. Did you got back with your mom and dad? Did you went back to school or been to a school? When did you got in love whit tomy like How old you were when you got in love with tommy? I hope you can rite back to me well i love you story. From, Alison, Room 131, Orion School

Dear Katy, I really liked hearing about your life. Do you remember when you whent to boarding school. I can´t belive that happened. I don´t know what I would do if I were you. Dd you know what was happening. Did you ever cry. Did you bring some of your dolls with you. Did long were you at the boarding school. Well I have to stop writing bye. From, Alice Room 131 Orion School.

Dear Tommy, I really enjoyed hearing your story of suvaival told to our class by Diana Wang. My name is Ashley Ramirez. I am nine year´s old. Where you scared when the war 2 was no? How old are you? Do you kave any kids? Your story made me so sad of you. I almost turning ten. My birthday is on june 21st. What your birthday on? I live in Menlo park fair oakes Av. Where do you live? Sencearily asley Ramirez

Dear Tommy, I really enjoyed hearing your story of survival. Diana wong told me your story. I wonder how it would be like to marry another survivor? I think its unfair by what the Germans did. They should learn not to judge people by eye, hair or religion type. the 4th and 5th graders did not like it. I must have been amazing how you survived. Please write back! From, Kirill, Room 131 Orion School

Dear Claudia, I really enjoyed hearing your story of survival. I liked the part when you thought the chocolet was humen flesh It was very funny. I feel very bad about the whole natise thing. did you get bomed? If you did, did you get Hurt? Did you eat the chocolet after all? I have that nouthing ever happens like world war two. if I beacome Presidente, I wont let anything happen like that. How many langueges to you youspeak? Sencearly, Ixchel room 131 orion school

Dear Zenus I really enjoyed hearing your story about that how you got sent to a Cristian family, I hope that you are still alive. If somewhere in the world you are I hope you call me, my phone number is (xxx) xxx-xxxx. I hope if somewere in the world you are alive and I hope your sister finds you. If you are alive I want you to know that you have a grand dougheter!! From Javi/Javier

Dear Zosia I really enjoyed listening to your story about the R. I also have trouble saying R. It must have been real hard to not be able to say the R for three years. What was it like being alone scince 11 to 14 working? It must have been sad alone lost being Jewish, during World War II with false documents. From, Gabi, Room 131, Orion School

Dear Zosia, How did you survive when world a happened? Did your mom and dad survive. From Jordan room 131, Orion School

Dear Michel I really enjoyed hear your storys. Did you have trouble crossing the mountains? I feel really bad about what happened I hope it never happens again! From Cameron, Room 131, Orion School

Dear Rosi, I enjoyed hearing the stary about survival. I was shock about it and it was cool to. Diana Wang told us all about it And the only way that bur father recognition you. Was because that you hade a mark on your left ear the same as your dad. And then you went back with your family. There was like 5 or 3 more people that had your picture your. From Cam Room 131 Orion School

Dear Rosi, I really liked your story. Do you rember what happen when you were five moths old. And did you think your Cshian were little. And I have a qeshion. How old you are. I am nine years old. And you look pretty in the picture. Were you happy to see your dad again. If I were you I will be really glad. I hope you wirte me again. From Frankcheska, Room 131 Órion School

Dear Rosi, I really enjoyed hearing your story of survival told to our class by Diana Wang. I was shocked when the only way your parents could tell that you have a mark on the back of your left ear. From Gio, Room 131, School