This is the brother I am looking for

in the only remaining picture we have:
In 1942, as the situation in Poland became untenable, he was given to a Christian family that offered to take care of him until the end of the war. When the war was over they claimed he had died, but could offer no proof. And where the body is missing, the suspicion and the hope for him being alive remains always active.

Zenus Wang, born in August 29, 1939, supposedly in Drohobycz or Stryj, was given to a Christian family sometime after June 1941, that is, after the German invasion. My parents went into hiding and they could not keep him because he would endanger himself, them and their hosts. The last name of the Christian family where he was received is unknown to me. My parents are already gone, so I have no one left to ask. What I remember hearing when I was a small child, was that they were somehow related to their saviours.

Cesia and Mesio (my mother and father) got married on December 12th, 1937 and went to Drohobycz where they had a furniture store and where their first child, Zenus was born. When the German invasion happened, they went back to Stryj where they found a place to hide and the people that accepted to hide them. They were the Zachodny family that had a flat on the Berka Joselewicka Ulica, one block from the Rinek in a building that was already Judenrein, free from Jews. The Zachodny family was formed by Mr. and Mrs. Zachodny and their two children: a girl whose name began with an "L", about 14 years old and a boy, Roman, about 12 years old (if Roman Zachodny is alive, he must be today, 2002, about 70 or 72 years old). In that building, in an attic, my parents stayed during nearly two years, along with my aunt Fryda and her 5 year old son, Marcel. The Zachodnys fed them and took care of their needs during all that time. Zenus was given, allegedly, to one of Mrs Zachodny´s sisters that lived in Tarnopol with her family.

 When the Red Army freed the zone, my mother went to look for Zenus and was told that he had died but nobody could tell her where he was buried nor show her his corpse. So she looked for him in churches, orphanages and wherever she could but found no trace of him. Eventually she abandoned her search and went back to Stryj.

 If you have any information about his whereabouts, please contact me immediately.

PHOTOS  (to look for familiar traits)

My parents in Krakow, Poland. 1946

My father, Mesio Wang. Stryj, Poland. 1930

My mother Cesia Baumhol Wang. Stryj , Poland. 1936









Mieczyslaw (Mesio, Mendel) Wang, born in Stryj on March 11th, 1911. Son of Adolf Wang (born in Boryslaw) and Lina Schwartz or Gelb (born in Stryj). He was their forth and youngest child. Adolf belonged to a big and wealthy family, but had some argument and left home for good and was never in touch with them again. He went to the USA sometime between 1908 and 1910 but he could not make it and ended up returning to Poland.

Czeslawa (Cesia, Cipele) Baumohl, born in Turka on October 5th, 1912 or 1913. Daughter of Eleazar Baumohl (born in Sassów) and Dvoire Horowitz (born in Zwierzyniec). She was their youngest and sixth child. Dvoire´s family, though not rich, could afford to have their daughter marry a Talmud schollar like Eleazar. When WWI broke, they left Poland and went to Lundenburg and then came back finding nothing left. They went to Stryj where Dvoire passed away when small Cipele -my mother- was only 8 years old. Her father lived 7 more years. So she was an orphan at the age of 15.

My grand mother, Lina Gelb (o Schwartz) Wang. Krakow, Poland.1946

The Wang family, Stryj, Poland 1918. Grand mother and 4 children: Michal, Eda, Balka and  Mesio, my dad, sitting on the high chair at the right.


My parents, my brother Alberto (born in Argentina 1951) and me. Buenos Aires 1952


Mom and dad. Buenos Aires, Argentina 1954















My parents with my older son Hernán. Punta del Este, Uruguay. 1972

Alberto, my brother and  Hernán Epelman, my older son. Buenos Aires, Argentina 2012

Judith Tiferes, my younger daugther. Buffalo, USA, 2013.

My brother, Alberto and me. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2014